Facilitating Your Way into China

ChineseAgent provides companies the convenient asset of an intermediary for establishing a presence in China. As your initial agent we help you optimize activities for your business plan. Keeping in mind the unique challenges of our client, the overarching goal of each case is to streamline entry into the China.

握手As a subsidiary of E-HENG ( www.e-heng.com ) ,ChineseAgent  provides customized services for any foreign enterprise seeking to enter the Chinese market.Clients receive full support and expertise that only E-HENG and ChineseAgent can guarantee . From marketing and sales to logistics management and customs clearance, ChineseAgent has the knowledge, expertise, and connections to meet any business need.The dedicated team at ChineseAgent will always consider the unique goals and challenges of each client to provide a personalized and streamlined introduction into the Chinese markets.

E-HENG, as one private company gained the qualification of import and export agency, has helped many oversea companies launching businesses in China over the past 16 years.

We will continue to endeavor to assist other oversea companies entering Chinese market.

Facilitating your way into China.

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Charles Mo

Honorary President

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ChineseAgent will help your company find the best way to enter the Chinese market.



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