We are in the business of helping our clients achieve success in China. At ChineseAgent, we understand that client satisfaction begins with talented and knowledgeable worker ChineseAgent is dedicated to providing great career development opportunities, excellent company culture ,and a comfortable work environment, all of which are the most powerful contributors to your success as an employee or as a client.

We work with passion, dedication, and quality team participation, as we build new opportunities through relentless commitment to superb customer service and reliability.

We are looking for those candidates who are talented, positive, reliable and responsible. We also offer internship positions for trainees or students.

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“ChineseAgent gave me the opportunity to practice a variety of skills I learned in school, including business research, communications, foreign trade and economics, supply chain management, and much more. The working environment added to the experience. I worked with talented and fun coworkers from across the globe, looked out at the Shanghai skyscrapers and Huangpu River every day from our office on the 15 floor, and enjoyed Friday lunch gatherings with coworkers every week. My Chinese improved, I learned some French, and made friends and connections that will last a long time. My experience has been invaluable and I thank those involved in working with me as an intern.”

Justin Van Noy – USA
Utah State University, Bachelor of Arts in International Business, Minors in Chinese and Marketing

Working with ChineseAgent has been a great opportunity for me, and being a member of a very international team is both rewarding and challenging. This experience enabled me to develop especially my knowledge about the Chinese market and its specificities, which is for sure an undeniable benefit.

Perrine Gérin – France
SKEMA Business School, Master in Advanced Business Management 

Being more rigorous is the main thing that I have gained from ChineseAgent. Here I expended my horizon and learned lots of new knowledge. And also I am really appreciated the flexible working time! Many thanks!

Nan Shi- China
University of Reading,UK ,Accounting & Finance

The ChineseAgent internship program has provided me with a unique international work experience. They are unmatched in terms of accommodation and mentoring. There are many opportunities at ChineseAgent to develop necessary skills for a future career. I have learned a great deal about the Chinese market through my experience with this company and feel that this knowledge will be very useful down the road. Above all, ChineseAgent is a pleasant place to work due to its friendly people who are always willing to help you succeed. I would recommend the Chinese Agent internship program to self-motivated students seeking to enrich their business skill sets on an international level.


Bryce Putman – USA
The Pennsylvania State University , Bachelor of Science in International Business,Bachelor of Science in Marketing

“Working at ChineseAgent has helped hone many of my skills. Additionally, it has given me an insight into the Chinese culture. Working with a diverse group of international interns has definitely been beneficial in giving me an internationalised mind-set and broader collection of ideas and methods. My role has given me insight into international trade and logistics and how to apply the knowledge I have practically. I have developed considerably, both professionally and personally”

Daniel Collier – UK
University of Brighton, Business Management with Finance and Economics

“As a college student, spending my holiday at ChineseAgent has offered me not only precious working experience but also lifetime friendships. The open working atmosphere here makes me feel like a big family rather than just colleagues. I definitely cherish my time here.”

Jason Situ – China
East China University of Political Science and Law, Administrative Management

“The work environment is young and dynamic, it’s an absolute pleasure to come into work every day.”

“A unique blend between Chinese co-workers and International interns”

“We always have afternoon pick me up snacks to help us finish off the day strong.”

Kevin Chang – USA
Business School of International Business at Northeastern University, Concentration in Marketing and Management

“Chinese Agent has a very distinguishing group of people from all over the world. Together they bring each individual’s talent and cultural peculiarities that are required for the international business industry”

Jin Bruno da Rosa Petrycoski – Brazil
University California of Los Angeles - UCLA, in Global Studies

“LOVE our open, friendly and international working environment. Sometimes kind of tired of searching for clients, but I’ll never get tired of learning new stuff with this passionate team!!”

Jin Sijie (Jenny) – China
Boston University, Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Minor in Mathematics & Linguistics

“Being involved within ChineseAgent has encouraged language exchange as well as learning the ways of Chinese logistical arrangements”

“I enjoy being an advocate for ChineseAgent when attending expositions”

“Working within a team of international interns has given me great belief that a multinational group can thrive when working practically and coherently”

Stephen William Kane – UK
University of Huddersfield, Air Transport and Logistics Management BSc

“Even though everyone at Chinese Agent is from different parts of the world, we have grown close to one another almost like a family. I believe with this new found family, I am able to conquer any tasks.”

Jannik Halfwassen – Germany
University of Applied Science, Bremen

“ChineseAgent is that they really believe in young talent, giving us the opportunity to learn and develop our knowledge concerning to our studies. It has been an unforgettable experience with such an important company in the trading services sector, assisting companies from all over the world to expand their business in this huge and dynamic Chinese market. I am very thankful to ChineseAgent”

Rubén Alapont Rubio – Spain
University of Valencia, Graduated in Law