Question: Why attending exhibition should be my first step to expand business in Chinese market?

With the increase of domestic demand, particularly in high-technology field in China, more and more specialized exhibitions are held in cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. There’s no doubt it’s the best occasion for companies to meet expertise and enlarge its network. Exhibition has been a common start to those companies worked out successfully in Chinese market, the advantages are as below:

  1. With the products exhibited, potential clients and distributors could see closely the technology and converse with the company about the needs directly; especially with a presence of a professional trading expertise in the exhibition, many clients& distributors could be assured the pre-sales and after-sales services thus leading to orders on-site.
  2. In terms of marketing strategy, attendance to an exhibition could give the market a message that the decision to enter Chinese market is already made. It’s not temporary but a determined decision. Only when the clients are convinced that this company is strong and reliable, they will consider giving the orders and even long-term partnership.

Question: Why establishing a Chinese website or setting a representative office is very important to my business development in China?

Marketing is always essential for a company’s presence in a new market, especially in a country where language and culture difference could be real barriers, China is no exception. A Chinese website or a representative office means that you have a long-term marketing plan here which will facilitate your clients’ cooperation with you, especially when they are state-owned enterprises, R&D institutions, universities and hospitals.

Meanwhile a well management to the website and office will impress the clients and definitely lead to the increase of sales.

Question: E-HENG has experience working with some of the world’s largest companies such as Toshiba Corporation, FLIR Systems, MTS Systems, and Siemens Global. So what are the differences between the services of ChineseAgent, a division of E-HENG and E-HENG?

Answer:The primary difference between ChineseAgent and E-HENG serves related to their target customers.  E-HENG serves foreign companies that have already entered the Chinese market, and build  their own sales channels and staff.  But they still need E-HENG  professional assistance relevant to specific fields, like import /export customs clearance, warehousing logistics, import and export agency. Moreover, E-HENG acts as public relation firm and consulting company to  support  companies  that lack proper  financial/business relations  in China but is ready to build robust partnerships in China. ChineseAgent is prepared to help foreign companies open  Chinese market and also help the enterprises not satisfied with their current channels find better ones.

Question: In the past, We have been involved in many professional exhibitions in China and a lot of visitors are interested in our products, but we did’t get any further inquiry. Why? Are our products not good and competitive?

Answer:The ChineseAgent team believes the problem is not on your products. We believe all the products in the exhibitions are competitive and have successful experience in native market.  However, China’s business communities are not mature enough. As we all know, the real introduction of market economy lasts only for decades. And there are many state-owned enterprises in the market the government departments participate directly in economic activities. And China attaches importance to human relations. So in many business activities, interpersonal relationships are very important. That means that competitive products are not all destined to succeed. So simply because a potential buyer expressed interest in the product does not mean it will be able to trade after the show. It is important to contact each other very often, in the right circumstances, and a business should try to please the customers. When the general exhibitors return to their country after the exhibition, they generally contact with the buyer by mail. Even if in China, there is no suitable local person through whom to communicate, so it is difficult to clinch a deal.

Question: We have access to a lot of dealers, but found that the scale is very small. In the process of market development, they have trouble cooperating with us for what reason?

Answer:Yes, we know the problem. A lot of foreign dealers react their problem now is that the product has entered China, they have some distributor, but the scale is very small. The foreign companies do not have the ability to cooperate with a foreigner to carry out product promotion. We believe that the cause of the problem is the same as the previous one. The market is not mature. You think the purchasing department has its own specific distributors. Dealers are busy with the procurement department of public relations, who have time to do other things? (Of course, this is a bit of a joke).

Question: You do not understand the product, have no technical ability, can you sell our products good?

Answer:We think we can do a good job. First, our task is not to sell the product to the end users. Our task is to find suitable distributors, and to do some management to the dealer. I think, we find these distributors, they understand the product, have technical ability. Moreover, China is not lack of technology, people who understand the product, to find a technical staff is still relatively simple.

Question: What is the main difference between the business environment in China and that in other countries?

Answer: We believe the biggest difference between business in China and business in a Western country is the hidden regulations that come with working under the  Chinese government. ChineseAgent specializes in ensuring that entry into China is a lawful and efficient.

Question: There are some rumors that the Chinese government is planning to strengthen supervision of tax evasion by multinational companies (MNC). Is this true?

Answer: Yes, on one hand China is a country with one of the highest tax rates. On the other hand, many multi-national companies have applied various strategies to solve these issues to remain competitive in the Chinese market. ChineseAgent can employ these strategies for your company to ensure your Chinese venture is a successful one.

Question: Some foreign companies have faced issues with the Chinese government due to cultural misunderstandings and unfamiliar regulations. Why is this?

Answer:  China has vastly different regulations from other countries. It is very important that foreign companies  pay attention to their relationship with the Chinese government. As a result,  multinational corporations are often more successful outsourcing this type of work to local Chinese people who are knowledgeable about the Chinese laws.

Question: How do you avoid issues such as GSK and Rio in china?

Answer: It is necessary to find local Chinese partners when dealing with the Chinese government. The local partner must be trustworthy and professional throughout the entire process. ChineseAgent embodies these two qualities.

Question: Do you have any relationships with other countries’ Chambers of Commerce?

Answer: We are members of the Italian, Canadian, British, and German Chambers of Commerce and we have collaborated with them for many years.

Question: Would it be correct to say that you are a consulting company?

Answer: Not exactly. Unlike a consulting agent, which only provides suggestions, ChineseAgent focuses primarily on the service aspect. We provide different types of specific service depending on our customer’s needs. Furthermore, selecting all or just part of services is welcome.

Question: What are the various methods of partnering with ChineseAgent?

Answer: The mode of cooperation will depend on the target customer and the client’s business strategy. Through constant dialogue, we will decide together how best to help your service or product succeed in China’s economic environment.

Question:Is franchise management very important to conduct business China?

Answer: Yes. Due to China’s large population and limited land, foreign companies need to establish a strong sales network in order to achieve fast entreye into china and  to secure a larger market share, During the  expansion period, foreign companies may need franchiser assistance  to help them achieve their  objective. However, in the Chinese market, regulations  are not always clear, and franchisers often lack of integrity and self-discipline. Franchisers always use the    “price war” or selling the goods beyond agreed areas for getting more demand, that makes China’s customers are use to compare the goods and price before purchasing. As a result, finding an experienced, local partner to manage the franchiser  is crucial  for  multi-national companies looking to enter China.

Question: Are there any foreign interns working for your company?

Answer: Yes, many foreign students from the United States, Canada and Europe have come to our company to work as interns. During this short-term working period, our interns  learn about the business culture of China and become familiar with its economic environment. This work experience greatly benefits their future career prospects. We encourage foreign students  to apply for an internship,and we will work to make your experience with ChineseAgent enriching and fulfilling.