ChineseAgent offers businesses the invaluable resource of an intermediary to facilitate establishing a foothold in China. Serving frequently as the initial partner within the Chinese market, we assist companies in refining their entry strategies to align with their foundational business plans in this region. With a keen understanding of the distinct challenges faced by our clients, our primary objective for every engagement is to simplify and expedite their market entry process into China. 

As an integral part of E-HENG (, ChineseAgent offers bespoke solutions for international businesses aiming to seek new opprtunities in the Chinese market. Clients benefit from unparalleled support and expertise, a hallmark of the synergy between E-HENG and ChineseAgent. Our services encompass a wide range, from marketing and sales strategies to logistics management and customs clearance, leveraging our profound knowledge, extensive expertise, and robust networks to fulfill diverse business requirements. The committed team at ChineseAgent prioritizes understanding the distinct objectives and challenges of each client, ensuring a tailored and efficient entry into the Chinese marketplace.


Japanese enterprise

We are a company specializing in scientific equipment. Over the many years of cooperation with E-Heng Import and Export Co., Ltd., your company has provided our firm with reliable, stable, and high-quality services in import and export customs and transportation, which have contributed to the growth and expansion of our business in the Chinese market. We hereby express our gratitude!





German enterprise

On behalf of our company. I want to thank E-HENG for their extraordinary efforts in assembling and helping us establish in China. We are overwhelmed by the results and cannot imagine doing this without E-HENG’s services. I cannot think of a single agent that would be so proactive as E-HENG has been to us. We appreciate your gratitude and thank you once again for your foundation.





Japanese enterprise

E-Heng has been our reliable partner for more than 20 years. With E-Heng's help, we were able to complete countless import processes smoothly and efficiently. E-Heng's professionalism, sense of responsibility and deep understanding of customer needs ensure that every cooperation can meet or even exceed our expectations. It is particularly worth mentioning that the efficient communication and problem-solving skills demonstrated by the E-Heng team enable us to quickly find the best solution when encountering problems.  >>>




German enterprise

From the establishment of offices in Shanghai, we have worked with E-HENG for more than ten years. As a German enterprise we face a variety of challenges in China to carry out business. In the process of developing in the market, E-HENG's service and help is very important. Thank you for your support.





British enterprise



Dear E-HENG:

Since 2005,We cooperated with E-HENG when we entered China. Like many companies just entering China,we knew less about Chinese market. Thanks for Tina's consulation and services that give us great help.

Thanks for the always assists.

Hereby we sincere celebrate the 16th anniversary of establishment!

Andre Shen

Country manager

Photo-Me China


Italian enterprise



We are the Truffle Company from Italy --Savitar s.r.l.

We producing the most high quality truffle condiment and provide our condiment to worldwide many famous & fine dining restaurants.

In China, we chose Shanghai E-HENG International Trading Co., Ltd. as our partner to provide us a variety of services, such as declaration consulcation,sales support,order management,financial assistance, our business in China can be developed smoothly. We would like to continue to cooperation and create a happy tomorrow hand in hand!

Best Regards,

Claudio Savini (CEO)


Italian enterprise



Congratulates on E-HENG 16 year's anniversary !

During the 4 years collaboration with E-HENG,E-HENG provided the reliable,stable and qualified service to Flos illumination Co.,Ltd on import/export,customs and transportation. 

Thank you very much!

Best wish!

David Ibanez

General Manager of Flos


Hong Kong enterprise


To:Mr. Feng, E-HENG Company

In the past few years, our Youbite Machinery has had a very pleasant cooperation with Yiheng. We would like to thank Mr. Zhou of E-HENG for his active communication and exchanges, which helped us to better conduct business in China. Mr. Zhou was active and enthusiastic, and always solved problems in the first place. Our company must commend Mr. Zhou for his excellent work, and thank him for his support and cooperation. At the same time, we would also like to thank your company for training such an excellent employee. We hope to have a longer cooperation with E-HENG.


Israeli enterprise



Time flies. Before we know it, we have cooperated with E-HENG for twelve years. Based on the spirit of "pragmatic cooperation and concerted progress", from the initial silent cultivation to the current prosperity, every step along the way is inseparable from the great help of E-HENG; every achievement is inseparable from the strong support of E-HENG employees. We sincerely say: Thank you! 
Over the years, the serious and down-to-earth work attitude and the spirit of dedication to work have not only established and enhanced a good corporate image and are worthy of trust, but also brought many conveniences to our work. 


American enterprise


Nol-Tec Systems was established in 1983, headquartered in Lino Lakes (Minneapolis),Minnesota, with associate companies in Italy, Chile, and throughout Asia.Our decades of steadfast dedication to unparalleled customer service and high-quality custom-engineered systems and controls are what separate Nol-Tec Systems from other manufactures.


In 2012, Nol-Tec Systems China was set up in Shanghai, since then we started cooperating with E-HENG. E-HENG takes an important role in our exportation and supply chain.We appreciate E-HENG’s assistant.


British enterprise


As a small and medium enterprise,we,Taylor Studwelding Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of studwelding machine.We have entered into Chinese market early and began to develop with E-HENG.Now,We become the largest stud welding machine brand in the Chinese market.E-HENG played an important role in the development of the market process.Congratulations to E-HENG for helping us stay in business for 16 years now!


Jimmy You

Managing Director


Swedish enterprise


Thank you letter

We are business enterprise, established by the Swedish Disk Hot Company and the United Kingdom THT Company.There two companies are the would’s leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment.We set up branches in the United Kingdom, the United States,Germany,Japan and other twenty countries and regions. After the establishment in Shanghai, we began to establish partnership with E-HENG.

Selling products in China is indeed a challenge.In cooperation with E-HENG, we feel that E-HENG is indeed a reliable partner, and experienced.

Thank you for giving us a great help.


Japanese enterprise


Congratulations to SHANGHAI E-HENG for being awarded the Excellent Partner Award.
As partners, we will cooperate with each other and exceed customers' expectations to achieve remarkable development of our business.


Swedish enterprise


As a Nordic company, it is important to cooperate with a local company when entering the Chinese market. We are very happy to cooperate with E-HENG in the Chinese market. Your help is very important to us. Thank you for your service and consultation.


Italian enterprise


The 1980’s saw the immersion of Marangoni into the Chinese Market.Due to the careful and thorough design,the original tyre re-treading equipment that Marangoni provided to the Chinese military,is still utilized to this day.From 2007,Marangoni decided to fully penetrate the vast Chinese Market with establishment of a representative office in Shanghai .


In 2009,We fully initialized the importation of our products with the help of E-HENG.With E-HENG’s assistance, we have ascertained a seamless entry into the Chinese Market.During the 7-year long cooperation with E-HENG, they have been dedicated in helping us to service the many clients we have in the local Chinese market>>>


American enterprise


In 2008,We,PCB PIEZOTRONICS Inc. Shanghai Representative Office began cooperation with E-HENG.


As an American enterprise, we used to face a number of challenges in China in terms of carrying out business. Now we are well established company in China now.E-HENG does a great job in our development of the market process.Thanks for E-HENG’s great support in the past 7 years.

ChineseAgent assists MB Dynamics to participate in Testing Expo China 2023

MB Dynamics's technical engineers in training Head Acoustics's sales staff to understand the products