Exhibit support 


Exhibition is a common start for companies who want to expand their business in Chinese market. Where the company could converse directly with the experts in the industry and enlarge its network. By utilizitng our network and industry experiences, we could facilitate the process and help your company get more orders on-site, and assure long-term development after the exhibition.



End User Network/Support 


ChineseAgent, together with E-HENG, have worked with a vast network of end users. The culmination through decades of reputable relationship building in the industry has allowed us to become the authorized supplier of various Chinese manufacturers and laboratories. Through these valuable partnerships, ChineseAgent has the network and ability to help you find a market for your product. 


E-HENG key partners:

Thermo Fisher Scientific, PerkinElmer, ZEISS, Agilent Technologies, Shimadzu Corporation, Sartorius, Novasep, Hamilton Company, MB Dynamics, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, HEAD acoustics, PCB Piezotronics, MTS Systems, Canon Electron.

Through cooperation with these large companies, we have entered almost all university laboratories and the supplier systems of  all large automobile factories in China. We participated in more than 300 bidding activities with these key partners last year.







Wholesaler /Distributor Search and Partner Search


We facilitate the partner search through our team of expert, agent, and consultant. You will be fully supported from our initial contact up through the signing of the final agreement with your partners or distributors. We also have the ability to help select and introduce top sales experts, for helping to quickly build an efficient and combative marketing and technical end user support team.

Chinese Website Development

Having a Chinese website would assure a continous development in a country where the language could be a big barrier. With all product documents in Chinese, the end-users could understand better about this company. Due to also network restrictions, we recommend building the network service within China. This way, domestic users can load the Chinese homepage faster and offer easier user interface. We can help contact professional cooperation website developers to help with building the Chinese website.



ChineseAgent will provide various methods of sales services tailored to the Chinese market. Not only will our knowledgeable staff help conduct and manage direct or online sales, but we will also help supervise and administer sales processes of wholesalers and distributors. ChineseAgent will provide clients with sales services like managing the value added tax (VAT). We can minimize expenses for human-resources and sales distribution when you break into the Chinese market. Our team of experts will provide full support for the whole sales process in China.


Direct sales/online sales management


With ChineseAgent’s assistance we can help establish an effective, efficient and flexible management system. It includes financial, storage, delivery, and after-sales service. We can facilitate the entire sales process through E-HENG's operation team who has more than 20 years of experience in import and export industry. 


Wholesaler /Distributor Management


As a partner with E-HENG and ChineseAgent, we will work to secure your company the lowest costs and minimize the risks that are involved with entering the Chinese market. ChineseAgent will assist your company as it designs a distributor management system based on your company’s goals for the Chinese market. ChineseAgent will then make full use of its expansive industry experience and networks to apply your marketing management plan with the highest of standards and strict adherence to our client’s wishes and government regulations. Additionally, our open management system can help you to better analyze and react to industry’s trends and effectively reallocate resources to different markets.

Human Resource Management


We recruit, evaluate, and manage the most qualified candidates to represent your interests in China. If you're aiming to build your own sales team but are uncertain about how to find the right personnel, we can help. Our thorough screening process includes written tests, interviews, background checks, and medical examinations to ensure we secure a reliable, honest, and stable workforce.

Handling individual taxes and social insurance funds can be challenging. We assist by signing employment consulting and contract agreements with workers, and managing declarations and contributions to social security and insurance funds. Additionally, we offer comprehensive payroll management services, which include pay calculation, distribution, individual income tax declarations, contributions, and payroll reporting.

Corporation Assistance


Once you have made an agreement with partners and distributors, we can provide additional assistance to manage your company’s needs. This includes industry research, organization of distribution models, market research, pricing strategy consulting and allocation of market share. We will also help you to arrange face-to-face meetings as well as any other modes of contact necessary to facilitate the partnership.

Custom Service Office


ChineseAgent provides office facilities, meeting and showrooms for rent, which can both greatly reduce your working cost in China and effectively promote your corporate image. Our knowledgeable agents diligently analyze and answer inquiries including those regarding product information, customer complaints, system support, investigation/information requests, transaction monitoring and financial or nonfinancial transactions. We investigate and follow-up with internal suppliers and provide prompt updates or solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. We initiate other transaction orders such as internal transfer, deposit booking, and FX booking.


ChineseAgent provides end-to-end supply chain management services, which can satisfy your industry needs and connect companies to customers. Whether it regards packaged foods, electrical equipment or apparel, we can delivery your merchandise on time while maximizing logistical efficiency. ChineseAgent is located in Shanghai, the largest logistical center in China. Wherever your products are located, our logistical management center can offer end–to-end supply chain management. 


Customs Clearance

We can assist your company with letters of credit verification, documents preparation, update product inspections and advice on regulations, price check



We have our own warehouses inside and outside the Bonded warehouses, so we can save you both money and time while ensuring the goods’ safety.


Easy Processing

If your products arrived in China and need to be easily processed, ChineseAgent can provide you services such as easy cutting, repacking, labeling and others.


International and national logistics

Besides our experienced customs clearance service, we offer our clients efficient integration of international and national shipping / transporting. This well linked combination assures you on time and highly efficient logistics.















Before the Exhibition

-Recommend specialized exhibitions according to the industry or the consumption market;

-Contact exhibition organizer and arrange the schedule according to client’s requirements;

-Invite some domestic potential partners to come visit the exhibition:

-Translate necessary documents;

-Arrange the temporarily importation of products that would be exhibited during the exhibition;


During the Exhibition

-Accompany to the exhibition and meet all direct/potential end-users/distributors;

-Solve on-site any problems concerning trading/legal/invoicing/bidding and other business support, facilitating direct sales/deals;

-Collect names cards of potential end-users/partners;


After the Exhibition

-With those deals settled during the exhibition, we will assure the success of each deals;

-With those potential partners, keep tracking and help settle the cooperation, further meetings might be possible and could be arranged;


ChineseAgent assists MB Dynamics to participate in Testing Expo China 2023

Under ChineseAgent's organization, MB Dynamics and HEAD acoustics worked together on sales. MB's technical engineer trained Head's sales staff to understand the products.